Phases regarding the purchasing process

1. Identifying the need and defining the technical specification

After identifying the purchasing need, technical features and service levels intended, there is a market survey.

2.  Preparing and making the market survey

The market survey document is composed by the survey program and the tender documents (with specifications of the technical and commercial tenders). The survey is sent to the providers registered at the SAP Ariba platform according to the features of the goods and services to purchase and the classification and performance evaluation of the previous provisions.

3. Tender submission

Tenders shall be submitted in SAP Ariba, by delivering separately the technical and commercial tenders according to the instructions and criteria established.

4. Technical and commercial analysis

After receiving the tenders, the evaluation team, previously established, assesses the tenders submitted (technical and commercial).

5. Negotiation

After the technical and commercial assessments, there is the negotiation process with the competitors selected. This phase may involve several negotiating rounds.

6. Awarding

The most advantageous tender is awarded considering the price, technical and functional features, delivery times and performance, among others.

7. Evaluation of providers

The providers’ performance evaluation is made on a regular basis.