Your adventure starts here

The main goal of the 1520 Startup Program is to support and accelerate business ideas / solutions aligned with the needs and strategic goals of CTT.

How the first startup in Portugal started

What we offer

  • Discounts on products and services

    Access to marketing solutions and express shipping under promotional conditions, and to other products and services that are relevant to the projects.
  • Access to the CTT media

    Ability to use our internal and external media: CTTTV, CTT stores network, social media accounts, among others.
  • Mentoring

    Learning from experiences mentors in the different corporate and operational areas of CTT.
  • Networking

    Opportunity to network within the national and international CTT ecossystem (partners, postal operators, among others).
  • Beta testers

    Our employees can test and provide feedback about the products and services during the testing phase
  • Technical and market pilots

    Testing of the services and solutions, as well as support in the product "go to market" phase, with the possibility of integrating it in the CTT portfolio.
  • Financing

    Ability to finance the implementation of projects, partnering or aquiring them – case-by-case evaluation

Get to know the 5 steps The program is structured with 5 distinct and consecutive phases:

  • Submission of applications

    Online application form available here

  • Pre-selection of Startups

    Analysis of the applications to verify the suitability of the solution to CTT's objectives.

  • Personalized contact

    Face-to-face meeting between CTT and the startup to further understand the solution and identify areas where it can be applied!

  • Preliminary meeting

    Meeting with areas that could potentially benefit the most from the solution submitted by the startup.

  • Definition of the collaboration framework with CTT

    After validating the interest of the areas in the solution proposed by the startup, it will be necessary to define how the collaboration of mutual interest will be processed.