Competitive Strengths

CTT’s competitive strengths stem from its history and unique position in the postal services market. In particular, CTT has the following competitive strengths:

  • CTT core network and retail network, both of which have a high degree of capillarity; and a nationwide reach
  • Highly trusted brand and strong reputation with consumers
  • Top management team with a long track-record in the mail industry
  • First movers in cash payments solutions
  • A multi-product strategy that benefits from significant economies of scale in CTT’s mail, express and parcels and financial services operations


CTT’s principal objectives are to deliver sustainable growth and improved profitability from each of its business units. To achieve these objectives, CTT has the following key strategies:

  • Maintain market leadership in mail and parcels and capitalize on economies of scale as a competitive advantage
  • Promote a regulatory framework that supports the USO sustainability
  • Maintain efficiency through continuous transformation programs
  • Develop the express and parcels business to take advantage of expected market growth, especially in the B2C segment
  • Strengthen financial services platform and offer a broader range of services