Mission, Vision & Values


CTT Group connects people and companies, focusing on its clients and their needs.

It's the preferred business services' partner for companies, simplifying their physical and digital presence, promoting e-commerce and supporting their efficiency.

CTT Group is the closest way for people to communicate and save.


In the pursuit of its activity, CTT Group aims at being recognised as a multi-service postal and financial operator and a worldwide reference in quality, efficiency and value creation, characterised by:

  • An Iberian market referenced postal operation
  • A leading operational and delivery platform;
  • A comprehensive offer in financial services;
  • The capacity to compete internationally in selected geographies;
  • A financial performance at the top of the largest European postal operators;
  • Sound and prudent management in compliance with the business model and risk profile of CTT and its Subsidiaries;
  • Social and environmental liability.


  • Customer oriented: To work proactively to meet customers’ needs. Your success is our success
  • Enthusiasm: To work with passion and commitment, to win as a team, by having the best professionals. We all are one (the power of one)
  • Trust:To be an ethical, responsible and reliable partner that daily meets the commitments made. Always deliver.
  • Excellence:To provide a service of excellence, with guaranteed quality and efficiency. Always do better.
  • Innovation:To continuously explore new ideas, processes and solutions. To create a future