Working for a company with over 500 years of history

We are one of Portugal's largest companies and innovation is part of our DNA.

We are living the transformation process positively, with our eyes set on the future. Every day we seek to improve the experience and increase the commitment of our people, always focused on our customers. Know more about who we are.

  • We are committed to our people

    We are one of the largest employers in Portugal, with 12,506 people, and we are in the top 3 of the most attractive companies to work for in Portugal in the Transport sector, according to the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2023 ranking. See other awards and acknowledgements.

    Our dimension and capillarity favours internal mobility, we have multiple opportunities for development and professional growth in the most diverse areas.

    At the CTT Academy, we promote knowledge, train employees and accompany and empower leaders. Find out more about training and career development.

    Because the young people of today are the leaders of tomorrow, we have unique opportunities for those who want to start their careers in the world of logistics, distribution, retail and services. Discover the + Experience | Young talent programmes.

  • We promote equal opportunities, inclusion, diversity, reconciliation and gender equality

    We believe that people with different profiles, knowledge and backgrounds, with different cultures, genders and ages enrich the organisation, stimulate creativity and innovation, help strengthen human potential and improve the quality of decision-making processes, boosting the creation of value for stakeholders.

    Learn about our indicators and policies.

  • We are a Family-Responsible Company

    We are certified by Fundación Másfamilia and ACEGE. We believe that combining professional, personal and family life is fundamental to the balance between employees and the organisation.

    Under the pillar of Time and Space Flexibility, we have implemented measures that allow the distribution and organisation of working time in a non-linear way, the disconnection of work and results from a specific "window" of time, as well as the control and management of mere presence. 
    In the corporate areas, we embrace remote working, we have different flexible working models, adapted to the realities of the areas and which promote productivity and a balance between the professional and personal lives of employees.

    Find out more about this and other certifications.

+ Advantages

Health and well-being

Health plan for employees and their families. The Viver Programme, for health promotion and prevention, has various initiatives such as mindfulness sessions as a stress management tool.


We have modern facilities, in prime locations and adapted to the new working models. We offer equipped dining areas and facilities for people with reduced mobility.

Exclusive conditions

Privileged access to discounts on the acquisition of products in our shops and products and services from partners in various sectors of activity such as culture and entertainment, fashion, catering, travel and tourism.