Human capital development

Human resources are our top priority.

We continue to manage our human resources based on the following priorities:

  • definition and implementation of new and consistent development human capital policies, promoting skills, and awarding good performance and dynamism 
  • promotion of a healthy social environment
  • continuous investment in training and qualification
  • optimization of the employees’ framework, considering the need to meet the market’s evolution and challenges.

Human resources profile

Em 2018 tínhamos 12.097 colaboradores

In 2018 we had 12 097 employees.

Of these 12 097 employees, 4018 are women and 8079 are men.

Most of them (97.4%) work full-time. Regarding part-time, 2.9% are women and 2.4% are men.

The average age is 46.5 years old.

The global rotation rate was of 17.6%

The new hiring rate was of 19.1% (6.3% women and 12.4% men), including fixed-term and permanent employees.

The global absenteeism rate was of 7.2%

The main reasons for the absences were:

  • illnesses, in 4.3 % of the cases
  • accidents, in 1% of the cases
  • trade unions’ activity in 0.5% of the cases
  • maternity or paternity, in 0.5% of the cases. 

The absenteeism rate falls to 5.1% if we subtract absences caused by maternity and paternity, mourning or study hours.

At the end of the parental leave, the incoming rate of 100%.

Regarding academic qualifications of our permanent employees:

  • 13 % did not have the compulsory education
  • 61 % had the 12th grade or a university degree.

Benefits and social support

To employees belonging to Caixa Geral de Aposentações (Government Retirement Fund)

CTT’s social services are intended to protect our employees and beneficiaries, ensuring healthcare (prevention, treatment and recovery) and provisions to our families, ever since 1949.

Our beneficiaries are entitled to subsidies:

  • for breastfeeding
  • for day-care and babysitting
  • for study (for the children) 

Health benefits are ensured:

  • to all active employees, full-time or part-time
  • to retired employees
  • to employees in a pre-retirement situation
  • to family members (under certain conditions).

 To benefit from these conditions, you need to be a CGA subscriber.

To employees working at our subsidiaries

Employees working at our subsidiaries generally benefit from a health insurance that covers all family members.

In December 2018, CTT’s insurance plan had 40.467 beneficiaries.

Social measures

The main social measures aimed at:

  • diagnosing and preventing socioeconomic needs and vulnerabilities
  • identifying and correcting needs and promoting the beneficiaries’ autonomy and empowerment.

These actions were mainly directed to the most vulnerable beneficiaries: elderly, children and young people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Working relations management

Our employees have various representative bodies that ensure their communication with the corporate management:

  • Comissão de Trabalhadores (CT) (Employees’ commission) 
  • 111 Subcomissões de Trabalhadores (SCT). (employees’ sub-commissions)

These bodies exercise their powers according to the law.

CTT maintains a permanent contact with the CT through top level monthly meetings, and occasional meetings whenever necessary. 

In 2018, 90.7% of our employees (permanent or fixed term) were covered by the Corporate Agreement. 76% were unionized.

In the European framework, the company kept its participation at the postal sector European Social Dialogue Committee, that gathers representatives from the European Union’s postal operators and Trade Unions.