Health and safety at work

We prevent incidents, accidents and occupational illnesses.

In 2011 we implemented an integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work Policy as one of the principles of our Vision, Mission and Values.

The identification of hazards and the risks’ assessment, control and reduction are mechanisms to prevent incidents, accidents and occupational illnesses. To promote health at work, we assess our employees’ physical condition through regular medical tests and exams.

The promotion of safety, health and risks’ assessment is a commitment and contributes to our corporate welfare.

Working conditions’ assessment

In 2018, our Health and Safety at Work experts made 270 assessments to evaluate the working conditions and risks at the CTT and its subsidiaries’ premises.

There was the annual assessment to employees about health and safety at work, including issues on prevention and safety, working conditions, training and information, among others, by means of a survey.

Health and safety at work

The health and safety at work services were provided by Medicisforma. In 2018, they made 9774 medical exams, 11% more than in 2017.


In 2018 there were 1.107 accidents: 266 with women and 751 with men. Of these, there were 773 injuries: 202 in women and 569 in men. There were no deadly accidents.

The main reasons for accidents at CTT were:

  • road accidents (45%), including car accidents and run overs
  • slips and stumbles (35 %)
  • excessive physical effort (15 %).

Awareness and training

We disclosed 43 newsletters and continued the awareness raising actions on safety at work, prevention of accidents and ergonomics at the delivery centres and at the CTT Post Offices.

To reduce labour and road accidents and alert our teams, we continued to update (on a monthly basis) our accidents table at the different operational areas, counting the number of days with no labour accidents whatsoever.

With the Road Safety Program, under development since 2015, we were awarded the PRAISE Award for Best Performing Large Company in 2018, promoted by the ETSC – European Transport Safety Council. These awards recognize the most relevant projects in Europe regarding road safety.