Community and partnerships

We support civil society.

Our social and environmental patronage policy has prioritised the themes of poverty and social exclusion, culture, language, health and biodiversity.

To this end, we have supported a number of social solidarity initiatives and aid to needy or at-risk groups. We are committed to a policy of applying 1% of Recurring EBIT to donations.

Solidarity Santa Claus

Every year, we organise the Santa Claus Solidarity action, collecting "godfathers and godmothers" for socially disadvantaged children. Working with the institutions that care for these children, we receive hundreds of letters written directly to Father Christmas. These letters are then made available on the project's website, allowing anyone to satisfy a child's wish. In the end, we send the presents free of charge, guaranteeing the anonymity of the sponsor and the child.


A Tree for the Forest

In partnership with Quercus, we launched the 10th edition of the One Tree for the Forest project, once again appealing to the public to buy kits that allow them to sponsor the planting of a tree - and thus help reforest Portugal. We've already planted around 115,000 native trees, which corresponds to the same number of kits sold. We've had the support of hundreds of external volunteers who have joined the cause.


EPIS Social Scholarships

CTT supports the studies of young girls enrolled in computer science and data science courses by awarding annual scholarships. This is a way of combating the problem of the masculinisation of the labour market at its roots, specifically in these areas where demand from companies like CTT is very strong.


Ask an ecologist

In partnership with the Portuguese Ecological Society (SPECO), we are promoting the "Ask an Ecologist" initiative, which allows primary school students to prepare in-depth, scientifically-based questions and write letters asking these questions to SPECO researchers. These researchers respond in the same way, addressing the students' questions, with CTT supporting the initiative by providing the writing material and sending the letters.


European Mobility Week

For several years now, we have been taking part in European Mobility Week, making each edition more dynamic by inviting employees to take soft mobility options on their journeys, particularly between home and work, and to share photographic or other records of these journeys.


Magic Firefly

For several years now, we have supported fundraising for Fenacerci by selling Magic Fireflies in CTT Post Offices. We promote this sale without any commercial return for our company.



We organise dozens of volunteering activities that seek to make a difference through the presence of our employees.