Principles, policies and other regulations

We act on references.

We are a multi-service postal operator, known by its quality, efficiency and value creation. Our principles and policies work as a reference to all our activity.

We use sustainable development principles in our strategy and corporate practices. The challenges are very demanding in a continuously developing market. These are the acting principles that inspire us.

Economic value

  • We create permanent and sustainable value to shareholders.
  • Our management systems’ continuous certification reflects our commitment towards our customers, the environment and quality of service. 
  • We promote economic growth and reinforce our proximity within the community and society on a daily basis.

Innovation and development

  • Innovation and creativity drive our daily solutions.
  • We try to be pioneers and adopt market leader technologies, to ensure sustainable processes with positive impact to all.

Ethics, governance and integrity

  • We have listening, communication and dialog channels always open, trying to meet everybody’s expectations.
  • We communicate our social, economic and environmental activity and performance in an objective and transparent way.
  • We have values, principles and codes of conduct that guide our performance before our stakeholders.

Environmental protection

  • We promote environmental and biodiversity protection, as well as energy efficiency and fight against climate change. 
  • Our positive results are recognized worldwide as regards carbon emissions management.
  • Somos a empresa com a maior frota ecológica de transportes e de distribuição do país.
  • We offer carbon neutral products and services.
  • We also promote forest protection. We have already helped to plant around 100 thousand native trees in our country.

Share capital

  • We try to conciliate our employees’ family, professional and personal lives, as well as to promote gender equity.
  • We also have internal channels to report practices against people’s dignity. True respect for human rights is part of our corporate policy.
  • We also promote our employees’ involvement within the community by promoting an active participation in society.