We pursue efficiency.

Energy consumption corresponds to 1/8 of the total of goods and services that we purchase. Monitoring and implementation of energetic efficiency measures is our top priority.

Increasing energy efficiency means not only direct environmental benefits –each energy joule saved means less carbon emissions – but also a more solid consolidated income statement.

Buildings’ energy management

Electric energy represents 40% of all energy consumed. However, we only use green certified energy. This energy comes from 100% renewable (hydric) sources, with zero emissions. We also consume energy produced by solar panels located at our headquarters, in Lisbon, and at our premises in Maia (North of the country), but still in less significant amounts.

The three production and logistics centres are our major energy consumers, in the set of our almost 1000 CTT premises. Since the North and South centres are the more intensive energy consumers, that is where our energy initiatives are a top priority. Our headquarters is responsible for 4% of our total energy, paper and water consumption, and production of waste.

The indicators’ monitoring and control are made by advanced solutions, to identify and optimize actions to reduce costs and consumptions. We are also modernizing our equipment and correcting the results that do not meet the requirements or purposes established. In these actions, we follow the already tested good practices, introducing a better energy efficiency and thus contributing towards the reduction of our energy footprint.

We are also performing pilot studies with specific innovating solutions to meet our operational activity, aiming at the reduction and optimization of our sorting, production and logistics centres’ and post offices’ energy consumption.